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CAMPUS CONTERN is the only office complex in Luxemburg to provide a 100% natural, pollution and allergen free environment to his tenants.

CAMPUS CONTERN is the very first office complex in Luxemburg to invite nature to purify the air inside its building. A positive ecosystem sets in and fights both visible and invisible internal pollution 24/7, everywhere.

To date, most “green solutions” were limited to construction or renovation materials and techniques but this system goes beyond standard ecological procedures and has a direct positive impact on people’ health and wellbeing.

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CAMPUS CONTERN will truly help you in both seeking growth and saving costs.

The difference between being in the city centre of Luxembourg and the wide open space of Campus Contern is roughly a 15 minutes’ drive and half the rent. What makes more sense to you?

Today the complex counts 3 buildings accounting for about 9.000 sqm. A surface that has allowed some of our tenants to grow their office space when their successes and new hires required them to without changing their business address.

A fourth building will be available in 2016.

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CAMPUS CONTERN offers services to ease up the life on campus

All CAMPUS CONTERN’ tenants have free access to a fitness room located on the ground floor of the Bouvreuil building.

A Fast food restaurant Class’Croute is also on site for employees or for catering corporate events.

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