Indoor Ecosystem

180 invisible trees provide a clean and pure environment inside the buildings.

How it works …

Nature hosts many benign organisms with the ability to purify the environment. These positive bacteria are nebulized in the entire building and vents, heating and air conditioning system. That will suffice to create a living ecosystem and let the entire building self-clean.

What it does …

100% efficient : Tectobiotics® will cleanse the entire environment. While standard cleaning process only tackles 20% of the pollution at best, the benign organisms will do their duties everywhere where air can access and digest all allergens, dusts, odors and chemicals.

Simple : Replacing our regular chemical cleaning products will be enough to preserve the positive ecosystem. Staff does not have to change any of its cleaning routine except maybe for one thing : they will no longer need gloves to protect themselves from the chemicals in the detergents.

Natural : we did not invent, create or alter anything. This process is only about allowing nature back inside our buildings. The positive ecosystem is biodynamic and will survive on eating dust parts and other harmful pollution.

This system is already widely used in Belgium (Brussels Airport, European Commission, IBM, Novotel...) and from 29/30th September on, finally in Luxemburg with CAMPUS CONTERN.

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